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Default Re: Changing HUD Z-Index and \'laser sights\'

Originally posted by Parnic:
Are you referring to playing on the dual-depth LCD monitors? If so, SiN has not been tested on and does not support those monitors.
Not quite, this is using a setup that provides a separate left/right eye image. And, I know it wasn't designed for it, but it handles itself very well. As for the few minor problems I was wondering if there were any console commands to disable a few of those things. Eg, either changing the hud depth or disabling the hud entierly (I tried cl_hud 0 but then I was unable to switch weapon :S).

As for the laser sight, I was hoping that change could be sneaked in or if anyone knew of a mod that would provide one (would also like this for hl2 if anyone has one) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] as that would make the biggest difference. One of the reasons I like Max Payne so much, that single white dot is atualy rendered at the depth of the target it's going to hit, so works perfectly in 3D.
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