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Default Re: Post your end-game stats here! *Spoilers*

Beat this:
Number of Saves: 1423

Challenge Rating: 65.80
Instantaneous Challenge Rating: 73.63

This was my second play-through, post the patch, starting again with the default difficulty settings. It's strange though that it wasn't any easier for me than pre-patch. In fact, I now had to kill 128 Elite Sintek Chaingunners (21.30%). Starting with the first highrise map, pretty much every enemy was a chaingunner. Sometimes I had 8 of them simultaneously chasing after me at the same time.

I suppose the automatic difficulty adjustment is foiled by my tendency to quicksave and quickload a lot, and by lot, I mean a LOT. Such as I tend to reload from reflex if I get hurt to much, so the only times I died was in the upside-down world secret on the last level.

The final title is in my sig, but I liked some of the earlier ones I got better.

The first word in my title for example varied from:
Accomplished, Ingenious, Astute, Resourceful, Merciless, Magnificent, Bureaucratic, Detail Oriented, Domineering, Ferocious, Implacable, Ruthless, Exalted, Superb, Peerless. And then this part of the title simply vanished.

I was also Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Chief, Commander, King and then Emperor, before finally ending up with Wicked John Blade.
I don't think it has anything to do with killing the scientists, although I did kill them. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

And it's always the very last level where I change to "Big Spending."
Earlier I tend to be "Head Hunting" or "Speed Killing."
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