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Default Re: Sin Emergence German

I beg your pardon? You can't be serious, this is 100% valve's and rituals fault. Both parties are not able to deal with this situation and neither valve nor ritual seem to be truely willing to help me.

1) Germany <> Switzerland <> Austria ... or did they miss something back in school at geography? There are three countries in europe that have german as official language. But they are completely independent. If the germans think that SiN is not to be published, so be it.... but only IN GERMANY itself.

2) Why did valve sell the locked german product in switzerland at all?

3) Why is it so hard your sales people to generate Game Id's that are related to countries and languages instead of languages only? Again, they seem to have missed something back in school in marketing and international law.

4) This and the official reactions of valve and ritual indicate that they do not care about the small markets. Why does this not astonish me?

You want some proof? Here it is, official reaction from Valve at the steam support site:

Customer (Xxxx Xxxxx) 06/08/2006 03:17 PM
I purchased Sin German in a local store in switzerland. I don't give a damn what the german authorities think or say. I would really appreciate that the german versions would not be thrown into one basket. There are different countries with german official language such as switzerland or austria, those countries are not affected by the censorship of germany.

Additionally, my proposal would be that the country codes are added to the internal database of your games identifications, not just the language. And if it's already the case then the country codes are not working as intended.

Product Name: SiN Episodes Emergernce DE
Confirmation Code: xxxxxxxx

So I ask Valve directly to unlock my Product, Ritual is not able to help my any further.

Response (JeffH) 06/10/2006 01:45 PM

You will want to contact ritual regarding this issue, VALVe did not develop SIN Episodes.


End of story and end of options for me, thank you very much for your enlightning support. I going to claim my money back.
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