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Default Re: Sin Emergence German

We apologize for the difficulty you've had in obtaining a copy of SiN Episodes in Switzerland. As has been stated several times on these forums, those who bought the German version of the game that do not reside in Germany should be able to unlock their game by sending in a trouble ticket.

We have forwarded the information you posted here directly to VALVe and are currently working on making sure that all customers not residing in Germany are able to work out this issue.

It is not a clear-cut case of blame one can simply say "it's this person's fault" because of the situation. Some of the USK CD keys were mixed in with the PEGI CD keys and VALVe is supposed to manually unlock Sin Ep for the affected persons. This would include you.

I sympathize with your situation and please believe that we are working to alleviate this issue ASAP. Thanks for your continued patience in this matter.
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