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Default Re: Sin Emergence German

Just to point out it is not Valve's fault, it is the germany governing board who allow games or not allow them, Valve are only following what they say.
*cough* no damn no, it isn't that easy. I can't let stand this here, cuz its just fragging wrong, the whole "its the USKs fault" is absolutly wrong..., I still mentioned the way how ratings are done and which versions are affected in germany ! The USK is NOT like the BBFC, when a game gets no rating it still can be sold without problems..., like PEGI - Ratings. The USK can't index (and not ban, thats something totally different) anything, thats what the BPJM is doing, maybe on unrated games, maybe not, and EVEN THEN, this doesn't mean a whole salestop or ban, no it does mean, that you can't get the game when you're a minor.

So and as I read here, we even have a GERMAN uncut PEGI-Version, so whats the point?! Release the PEGI-Versions for all german customers on Steam and put your cut DE-Version, which no one wants in your USK-Rated Retailboxes, where they belong and don't let the guys wait anymore, who allready paid via Credit Card on Steam.
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