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Default Re: Sin Emergence German

I am having a trouble ticket at steam since a week, I described my situation pretty complete and with all legal aspects that matter in this case. But they are not willing to unlock my copy and merely state it's not their business but yours. I like ping pong, but only if I am not the damn ball.

My game ist still locked, what can I say?

I can understand that in publishing things can go wrong. How ever it seems that the sales people at steam can not resolve this issue because they are not able to do it technically and won't admit it, or... I just met the part of the staff that does not work too much.

Nah, lets think constructive. I see it like this: all german versions are ready to start and already produced and partially distributed but not in the shelves yet, EXCEPT in switzerland. The game Id's are not indicating the country in which they are sold. So, it's not possible to track back a proof of purchase Id to a country. I am sorry but the marketing people at valve or ritual really need serious help. I am not very competent at marketing but the basics should be obvious to anyone.

Face it, germanys authorities were always (and will always be) complaining about shooter games, it's like this since doom came out and that was in 1990 or something like that. What are you gonna do? If I look at my calendar you were contemplating what to do for a pretty long time and you still haven't found the solution.
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