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Default Needing some help?

Ok guys now last nite i bought the new sin game it's the retail version.
my problem is when i load the game it goes threw the nivida screen then the 2nd splash screen then kicks me back to windows. i have a bunch of diffrent steam games and they all work fine. i guess you also get sin1 free with this and i can play it with no problem. i have read everything in this tech fourm and can not find anything to help. the thing that gets me is when it kicks me to windows i can open task manager and they are nothing there that shows the game was ever started.
This is my system
P4 3.0 HT
1gig ram
200gig hard drive
x1300 pro 512meg
directx 9.0c
i would be greatfull if anyone could help me out here. i can not firgure it out i play all types of games and this is the first one i have had problems with.
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