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Default Re: Post your end-game stats here! *Spoilers*

That's hilarious! Melee everything, huh...

Good luck getting the helicopter... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

My end game stat seems like it sucked compared to most of yours. (I played it on the default settings on my first run through; maybe that's why?) It looked something like...

Efficient Wicked John Blade: Champion for hire.

(Something like that. My computer doesn't alt-tab well since it's old and SiN & Steam take up a fair bit of my memory.)

I used to hoard ammo until I realized that I can waste anything / everything with reckless abandon.

Mmmmm. Grenades...

Edit: If anybody has a spawn list for the console or something, I should try to beat the entire game with only grenades. Or maybe just melee and grenades. Except for the helicopter, of course.
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