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Default Re: Needing some help?

1.Can you please go into your C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[username] folder and delete the "sin episodes emergence" folder?
done this and it took alittle while for the game to lanuch and the samething happens.
2.If you still have problems, please add "-nostartupvids" to your launch options (Right-click on Sin Episodes: Emergence in the Steam games list, click "Set startup options...")
done this and nothing happens same 2 screens came up but i used -novid this is what i used to do away with the start up screen on day of defeat source. so that worked but it still will not load anything just kicks me right back to desk top.

i can not figure this out i have tried everything i know and i have been asking everyone i game with and no one has a clue.
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