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Talking Re: Turning on Joystick causes spinning

Heres your QuickFix, goto

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\"slictrix"\sin episodes emergence\SE1\cfg

Or where ever your installed the game to.

Where as "slictrix" is your name that you used when you created your install.

Open the cfg folder and open the file Config.cfg with notepad and make sure "Always Open With is Unchecked" and look for these two lines

joy_pitchthreshold "0.15"
joy_yawthreshold "0.15"

Change them to this

joy_pitchthreshold "1.00"
joy_yawthreshold "1.00"

Then exit and save changes and load the game and all should work fine.

(But any changes you make to your setup within game might change it back, so you might have to redo the config.cfg file after making any changes within game)

Not bad huh 1 hr later from my first post and I find the fix and someone has egg on thier face. LOL

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