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Default Re: Fix For Joystick Spin Found

come on mike russell give the man some credit ,he did what you guys couldn't or wouldn't do .
and you where relying on what microsoft told you ,,lame of you, it is your game.
even i knew the prob was in joy sinsitivity ,and i never even played with programing in my life.
i have been using a joystick since doom 2 . don't have to touch the keyboard. when i shoot an enemy i am pulling a trigger not tapping a mouse button.
I aim with the mouse and strafe left and right with it ,all other functions are covered with the joystick. Firing, jumping, ducking, moving forward and backward etc.
sometimes i have to use the program "joytokey" for games that dont support joystick ,still i prefer not to use it .
anyway .

thank you so much slick ,i give you credit if mike is to difensive too .
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