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actually, no

I'm playing at my TFT's native resolution of 1280x1024 and Source games run flawlessly even with 6xFSAA - I might not get 60fps but it's still very playable (the 9800XT isn't THAT old and we're not talking about FEAR or a similarly demanding game engine here).

So, you see, besides the fact that there's no way to increase the resolution on my monitor, jaggies don't go away with higher resolutions - actually I think they're more noticeable in games that look otherwise crisp and high-res as opposed to games in lower resolutions which already look a bit blocky. In fact, I rather decrease the resolution to get the performance to set at least 2x FSAA in demanding games than vice versa

Nevertheless, my question isn't how to make my game look better, I know how I want it to look, now I just need SiN Episodes to let me set 6x FSAA - I can decide myself if the game runs well enough for this, aight?

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