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Default Playability troubles

I recently purchased SiN from best buy (hoorah for rip offs) and a brand new DVD-ROM drive (Sony). However, when I try to play the game, the graphics get extremely jerky and the game slows down right after the first cut scene (when you are running through the hallway). Im not sure what is going on, I have a 2.8ghz P4 CPU, GeForce 6600gt gfx card. I know both items work properly, I am afraid that the DVD player may be damaged some how to cause the game to slow down like that and become jerky as it does.
To put it into perspective, it is almost like I dont have enough CPU to play the game, like my computer is slowing down because the CPU is working to hard. My CPU's average temperature is around 80-100 degrees fahrenheit, in that range, and I know it can handle way more before it automatically slows, but it is just strange.
Also, when I move the mouse in the opening screen (to select new game, load game, etc.) The mouse gets starts to flash, and blinks periodically, mainly as I move it.
My directx information:

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