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Default Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery

I turned every single graphic setting as low as the game allowed when I set it to 1024x768.
Both video cards are 6800gt's, connection maybe? Mine's BFG, btw.
Just to see if it helped, I got PCI latency tool, latest update, from guru3d and readjusted my latencies. Currently everything that shows up is either 00 (if that's how it showed originally) or 32 (if it was over 00), and the video card/AGP is set to 64. Marginal improvement there, and the sound stutter at the start of the match is no longer present.
I've been working on the issue a bit more, noticed a few more things.
At the start of the match I can pan and scan the camera with little slowdown. The minute the first enemy shows up a little slowdown starts.
Over the course of the match, the slowdown gets a little worse but not all that noticeably. However, sooner the enemies start using grenades though, the quicker that little extra slowdown starts to appear.
If I play several matches in a row, the later matches start out more bogged down than the earlier ones.
Before I retweaked the latency, the slight sound stutter at the beginning would cause the game to slow a bit while the audio played, after the tweak no longer does that.
I tried that launch command from HL2, -heapsize 512000, didn't make any difference with or without it.
After lowering all settings, I reset textures back to full quality. Game seems to run as fast with max quality as with lowest quality (at least on the entry hall map), although if I knew the fps command I'd know for sure.
When I exit the game, I sometimes get a LOT of hard drive activity, more so than when I play HL2.

I'm going to keep messing around with settings, maybe force DX8 and see what happens also.

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