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Default Re: Playability troubles

Yeah, I have. Ill try to reinstall it though.
ACTUALLY, I installed the drivers that came from the motherboard, Ill see if that will work.

Would that have any affect on why my videos will not work either?

I have just installed the latest VIA hyperion 4-1 and my video media files still do not work for some ungodly reason. I think that the vmf thing may be tied into the same problem that is affecting SiN.
I should also mention that the sound stutters horrifically when I enter that first action scene (as does the video), and this isnt the only game it does it on. It does the same thing on Hitman Blood Money. I had never played either of these games on my computer before I installed the new mobo, but now that I have, the graphics became a whole lot crappier, my media files will not work (video only), and I am at a loss.

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