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Default Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery

A few more things I've found. If I force any directX other than 9 the graphic settings will not stick between resets. I think this is only happening in SiN, since I originally had to force HL2 into DX8 to get the flashlight to work (took Valve about a year to fix that friggin' bug, grrr) and I don't remember the settings ever reverting from what I put them on, regardless of which DX I set the game to.
Didn't really notice any difference between DX7 to DX9 in terms of speed anyways.
A thought I had was this, could it be possible that the game is rendering the graphics at the default autodetected settings, or higher, but downgrading them afterwards to match what the settings say should be shown?

Oh, and I'd like to add I got my first chaingunner in the Hallway map the other night, scared the crap out of me, he comes walking up the staircase and VRRRRRRRRR there goes that darn gun. Only one though, no more.

2nd Edit:
As for the SLI bug, go to, their forum has a registry hack to fix that problem. Or I read that downloading the 91.33 betas (I think it was) also have that issue corrected.

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