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Default Re: longer or shorter than HL2 epi1

Originally Posted by mraculen
after finishing HL2:episode one. I felt the episode was too damn short. just when it was getting really fun, the game ended. now im wondering, how long is Sin: Emergence? is it much much longer than HL2:epi1? or as short? for $20. can anyone tell me? I feel that HL2epi1 isnt worth $20. and I cant really afford to spend $20 on a game I can finish in 2 days playing it only a few hours a day. thanks
Slightly shorter but the interactivity more than well makes up for it, Arena mode was recently released where you are pited against waves of stronger enemies and hopefully theyll release Multiplayer Sin E aswell...

Oh and you get Sin1 the original game aswell with Sin Emergence, if you havent played Sin1 previosly you get 2 games to enjoy...
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