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Default Re: key binding?

By enabling the console, but not making any changes within it, when i use the SE1 engine to change the keyboard bindings, it does display

Initializing renderer...
Failed to load sound "npc/sintek/vo/grunt_death4.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository
couldn't exec userconfig.cfg
Wrote cfg/config.cfg
couldn't exec userconfig.cfg
Wrote cfg/config.cfg

This might just be trash debug code left in, but it does update the config file.

So far only the turn left/right and the look up and down key are not functioning....sadly no way to tell if swim up or swim down will work when i bind a key to them.

This is fresh install with the same problem. All my other HL2 based games are able to bind to whatever keys i assign to the turn left/right keys...this is annoying
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