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Default Re: Medium -> Low priority, sound problems.

Originally Posted by abrasion
Hi guys, thanks for the game good fun so far.

I'm having difficulty with the sound in the game, the phone booths - some of the character dialogue, some of the radio chatter from your helpers - it's just a little too quiet (hell, no - it's REALLY quiet)

I can make out probably only 50% of the stuff that's said to me - and the phone stuff - 80% of the phone numbers are a write off, I just plain can't hear the joke(s) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

I've mentioned this a couple of times on shacknews's comment system - some other people are having similar issues.
The speech subtitles are helping out great - but it's a bit of a shame.
Be nice if the engine itself or the game had code to simply silence other noises (ambient, music etc) 50% and leave the voices at 100% - would solve the issue completely (and I beleive several other games do this also)

Otherwise no issues - the difficulty bug has hit me, unfortunately - but I beleive you're working on that.

Thanks again.

Ok well having just finished HL2: EP1 I'm going to guess this is a steam / valve issue.

I'm curious if someone from Ritual can perhaps mention this to Valve to have a look at because it really is darn quiet in both games for me.

There needs to be a simple slider option "voice volume" and "game volume" and "music volume" - right now it doesn't have a voice one.
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