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Angry Just bought it but cant play it!

(i've already contacted steam support, i'm just letting off some.. er, steam)

I installed Sin Episodes and after it finished installing, it closed the installation and Steam started. When steam started it just sat there for a good 10 minutes not doing anything.

Now there is nothing wrong with my machine, i've played right through halflife2 and had some issues with steam then too, so i know its just a typical steam issue.

So i closed steam down and restarted it, but only Sin1 and Sin1:Multiplayer were in 'my games'. I tried restarting several times but had no luck, so i did a reinstall of Sin Episodes.

After the install finished this time, steam started properly and the Activate Product prompt came up (it didnt last time), so i entered my number found on the 'quick reference card' in the dvd case, but steam sid it was already activated to another account.

Now how the F*** is that possible? I never tried to activate it during the first install, and this game was bought no less then 2 hours prior at a local games shope, brand new!

So now i sit here twiddling my thumbs, $44 out of pocket, with nothing to do while i wait for the F***ers at steam to email me telling me what the news is. Most likely that i'm shit out of luck and now left with a f***ing dud game.

I hope someone from Ritual reads this and rings the turds at steam and tells them to hurry tfu.

I really hope steam shuts down, its ruining games for the honest people.
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