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Default Re: Just bought it but cant play it!

Originally Posted by s13n1
After entering the key, it says:

"The product code you've entered has already been
activated by an existing Steam account, and is therefore
invalid. Your subscription to SiN Episodes Emergence has not
been completed.

See the Steam support site for more information."

Before this message pops up, i receive an email that reads:

"Dear Steam user (account name: *********),

This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration.

Steam has detected that your copy of SiN Episodes Emergence has already been
registered to another Steam user. Your product's CD-Key (the number printed on
the CD case which you were asked to type in after installing the game) matches
one already in our database.

The CD-Key you entered is: *****-*****-*****-*****-*****

You will not be able to play SiN Episodes Emergence unless you provide an
unclaimed CD-Key. To provide an unclaimed CD-Key, you will need a copy of SiN
Episodes Emergence which has not already been registered on Steam. Double-click
on the name of the game in Steam's "Games" window and then follow the given

For further help or product support, please visit


The Steam Support Team
To contact us, email"

If you want my account number and the activation code, ill PM them to you.

Please forward that E-mail to crashes[at]ritual[dot]com, and I'll see if I can fast-track a solution.

Michael Russell
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