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Default Re: Crashes everytime Arena mode ends.

I have EXACTLY the same problem.
I changed video card today from 6800 to 7900GT and I thought it maybe because of that (all other games including HL2 Lost Coast behave just like before)
I didn't have this problem yesterday. However I noticed Steam downloading update for Emergence and today and judging by the time of your post you also got the problem today. I can't test it with my old video card but I don't believe it is a video card issue. Also I use the same drivers which I used for the old video card and yes they are the latest.

after arena mod ends the sound loops (i believe it is not sound problem though) and windows pops up the following message

The instruction at "0x24007107" referenced memory at "0x00fe3d60". The memory could not be "read".

The addresses are always the same. Also I don't have problems exiting arena mode through the menu at any time. Something else worth noting is that the statistics and demos are saved despite the crash.

I won't flood the topic with the long dxdiag log as I think it is worthless in this case I'll just mention:
CPU: Athlon 64 3200+ s754
MB: Epox NForce4 s754
RAM: 1GB Kingston (2x512 DDR400)
GPU: Asus GF 7900GT 256MB

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