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Default Re: Game Freezes EVERYTIME at specific point

OK, my game doesn't work either. I just came back from another thread saying that he got an error message saying that 'the memory could not be read'. incidentally, he has 2.5 gigs of ram. Sphynxter had 2. And I have 3. I'm not sure how many memory slots the other dude had but considering 2.5 gigs, I'm guessing he had 4 slots, and I also have 4. Something seems a little fishy here, too fishy to be just a coincidence. Is there a problem with the game if one has either a) memory over 2 gigs or b) using 4 slots of the memory slots? Seems like an odd reason for a game to not work.. but I hope this possibility gets investigated. I'll try removing 2 of my 512mb sticks, run the game and report back.
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