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Default Re: v1.4 Patch Notes

Originally Posted by Standoff
There's little they can do about that, as far as I can tell it's a problem with how the Source engine is reacting to your system. For one reason or another, it's bottlenecking.
A) Half-life2 runs fine on my computer.
B) I've read around here that the problem is that they need to merge the game with the newest Source code.
C) They haven't done that yet.

My rig certainly isn't cutting edge but it should be able to play this game without these kinds of problems. For me, the game is unplayable in its current state.

I understand the complexity of testing a PC game out, with all the different configurations that developers have to account for, so my heart goes out to these guys and other developers. But consider that with the exception of your average bugs, every other title I purchase launches in a playable state. I can't play this game, and it's been out for what, 3 months?

Some people will say that "it's already been complained about in the forums" and that the problem is "known". I hope people continue to speak up until the problem is fixed.
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