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Originally Posted by Sarkie
Delete your Sin Episodes folder in your SteamApps folder, after moving the Save Games, and verify the cache files using Steam.
I'm getting the same crash at that hatch, at the loading point.

I have a store-bought version of the game, and I let the patch install right after I installed the game from the DVD. Once I reached that point and got the crash, I tried what you described there. I deleted the "sin episodes emergence" folder in the SteamApps/(my username) folder and did a verify cache in Steam, no luck.

When I moved my SAVE folder back and loaded up my game, I still got the error when I approached the load point.

Any other ideas?

Edit: Oh, and I guess I should mention that I only got that error after I did the delete thing that you suggested. Before that, it was just two of those Windows crash tones, and I got just booted back to desktop. No error messages.

Edit 2: Nevermind. I saw this thread: and it seems that you guys are already working on it. Looking forward to the fix

Edit 3: This latest update you guys put on Steam fixed the problem. Thanks!

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