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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions

My Feedback:

AWESOME!!! This game is exactly what I was dreaming of!! It's a "no more mr.niceguy" FPS which not only reminds me of my beloved SiN but lets me face a mass of grunts who are plain cool to fight against!

What could have been done better:
- I want the good ol' Console hacking back
- A phone call with elexis
- We need blade taunting at enemys ("Schooled ya!")
- More JC / Blade conversations
- The supremacy tower could have been bigger when you approach it (not HL2 citadel like but maybe the half size of it... You'll notice that once you are on the tower that it feels like you are miles high in the sky)
- an option "Preferred Background" for the menu - I want Elexis all the time
- ... thats about it

What I liked the most:
- The awesome last level! Not only did it look gorgeous it also made me feel like I was on top of an enormous huge building
- GIBS!!
- The interaction with the environment
- exploding barrels (I think i killed more grunts with this than with bullets... actually my stats state the contrary but... anyway)
- Elexis is back!!!
- ... and then there is the lucious real life Elexis (greats to Bianca)
- secondary fire on the scattergun
- the fire effects
- we get to visit the SiNTek Labs at the beginning - how cool was that?!
- the menu song
- all the little detail
- steady updates! Thanks for the arena mode
- and much much more!!

Bottom line:
The perfect start for an outstanding series!
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