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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions

I finished the game 2 days ago but I wanted to finish hl2 ep1 before posting.

so let's start with minuses:

- the first most obvious thing is Blade's speech. I will say it again just to make sure Ritual do not think someone likes it the way it is. (I read a couple of posts from guys who liked it but they will be tracked down and punished ) And you can give us the guy who came with the "brilliant" idea of the silent Blade so we can lynch him.
- characters are not deep at all. Maybe because Blade does not talk but still it's worth mentioning. Jessica is awful up to now. Alyx from hl2(and I mean the original hl2) is much better character she feels human let alone comparisson with ep1. I think it will be really cool if Jessica turns out to be a traitor in let's say 4-5th ep but there should be clues earlier. If there's gonna be a love story let it be with JC let's say she'll seduce him to get some information. Blade is saved for Elexis
- I didn't notice infinite enemy spawns but they were long and annoying anyway. Just make them spawn further I guess.
- The hands of the models? WTF? You wanted to have graphics from the original SiN or what?
- interactivity Hacking consoles, shooting locks etc. You know better. You did it with the first SiN.
- Story. The first SiN didn't have the best story out there but it was enough. Emergence may even have better story but it doesn't seem enough. You just need to have more otherwise it seems somewhat empty.
- It maybe just my computer but the game seems like it runs slower compared to hl2 ep1 and the latter has HDR enabled. Maybe it is the larger spaces I don't know but I can feel it in arena mode and I don't feel it in hl2 deathmatch. It is not a big issue though. At least not before multiplayer comes out.


+ SiN 1. I didn't play the game when it was released. Seeing the amount of bugs and how many lockers actually managed to kill me I think it's better that I played it now when it loads for 5 sec instead of 5 minutes. It would be good if you pack Wages of SiN with ep2 for example. I really think there should be more addons with episodic games as the game itself is short.
+ Challenge system worked well for me. If you can implement it without the respawning it will be fine.
+ Secrets. I love them.
+ Music. The title song is great if you have a song like this for every episode I'll buy it no matter what is the game. I don't feel like paying for the soundtrack again though so I just downloaded it from torrents and I don't feel guilty at all.
+ Level design is great except for the interactivity. I don't really like alternate routes and levels so I don't miss them. I don't replay games couse there are lots of good games and not enogh time so I want to see everything the first time pls.
+ Arena mode. GREAT! Maybe official statistics with names for arena mode?
+ Weapons' balance is great. This weapons are more useful, dynamic and variable with their alt fire than some games have with their whole arsenal of 736756 with all strange alt fire (see Unreal/UT for example of bad weapons did you really enjoy pumping the green thing?)
+ Media content. The website is great and Cindy and Bianca rock. Other games try to cover the lack of any content with disgusting flash (I HATE FLASH) websites. is simple but it has something to look at. Starting from info about the guns, characters, going through the pictures of the girls (I actually started there) and edning with the statistics. Masterpiece!

Overall: You made SiN fan out of me and I hadn't played the original SiN back in 98 or 99? That should be enough though I still consider Half-life to be better (both the first half-life 1 and hl2 ep1)

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