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Default Need help with texture curruption. (Could be more related to DirectX.)

I'm facing texture curruption after I downloaded 1.4 patch.
Have a quick look at the screen shot.

The 3D model (Elexsis) looks in right shape but all texutres currupt

This happend like as follows

1. I started Steam and downloading patch 1.4.
2. Completed download, but I went to bed.
3. Next day, I played Dungeon Siege 2 for a while then started Sin:E for the first time after the patch and found textures were corrupted.
4. After it happened, all of my 3D programs become corrupted. Dungeon Siege2, Flight Simulator, 3D-modeling program.
5. Also, videos in WMV format started working wrongly. It shows full of corrupt images, too.

I tried some driver re-installations and tweaking like below but none of
them helped

1. Uninstall all nVidia drivers (nForce chipset and graphics), and reinstall latest version.
2. Also tried older driver software (v81, v85)none of them worked.
2. Reinstall newest DirectX.
3. Change texture settings of driver with RivaTuner then reset to

My rig is

AMD64x2 +3800 (AMD dual core optimizer installed)
nForce4 Chipset (nVida newet driver. Factory default.)
1024MB of DDR-400 dual
WindowsXP SP2
Asus GeForce6600GT (nVida newet driver. Factory default.)
All in Japanese localized language version.

This may be related DirectX but it looks Sin:E triggered it.
I tried all what I think I should so far. If there is anything to worth
trying, please let me know.
Sorry my lousy English. I hope I could tell all what I wanted to tell.


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