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Default Re: My Arena map (arena_BS_DN39)

oh man this is gona be a big reply.
well here goes.

Originally Posted by CommanderZx2
The problem with this map is that there is no where to duck out of enemy fire. You'll be mowed down by enemy fire in the first few seconds, especially if there are machine gunners around.

You're going to have to add some sort of building or some boxes to duck behind.

The reason this wasn't a problem in Duke Nukem 3D was because bullets traveled pretty damn slow back then and you could generally dodge almost anything.
I could proberbly make a 2nd version with different kinds of cover ^_^

Originally Posted by Loengard
Yeah make it a mutant map than evertything should be cool

Btw. How did you do the Skybox? Everytime I try to add one it shows nothing in game (I already checked for leaks... nothing!)
Is there a special trick in SiN:E?
The same as above i'll make a standart version and one with mutants.

The skybox is easy ^o^
1) give the sky portion of your level the texture "skybox"
2) in the map properties (Map -> Map Properties) you set the name of the sky you want to use (use the texture browser with the filter name "skybox" to list them all). I used "sky_finale".

Originally Posted by JoelF
I'm tempted to fiddle around with the map editor, but I'm apprehensive. That looks like it was really difficult... Does anyone know where to find a tutorial that goes from the pure basics onward? (I know there's an Arena mode thread; I just want to get my feet wet by reading up a fair bit on it first.)
The following are for HL2 but it's easy to adapt to Sin Ep ^_^

3D Buzz has training videos for HL2 (I learned to make maps for UT2k4 from that site ^_^), but you need to register to download (it's free)

Some other good tutorial sites:

Babes, Bullets, Bombs. DAMN I love this job!
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