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Default Re: Need help with texture curruption. (Could be more related to DirectX.)

Originally Posted by Sarkie
Maybe your card has gotten over heated and damaged itself :S

I am nearly positive Sin:E couldn't have corrupted all your other games.
About hardware, it may got over heated. But my rig is water cooled and usually less than 60 degree, both CPU and GPU, even in summer.

Starnge is that when I uninstall all the nVidia driver stuffs, the video plays correctly.
And also, I found that flight simulator (a DirectX7 application) works correctly if it is put to the background. See the pic below.

When in foreground:

When in background:

It works when in back ground but the image becomes jaggy and the texture filterling is lost. So, I doubt it is the driver issue, not the hardware.
Perhaps Sin:E changed some driver settings that is globaly affect 3D applications, I guess.

May be I need to full re-install of the OS


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