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Hey guys!
I'm currently working on nice little map in memory of the good old jurassic park movie
The arena will basically be a raptor pen with working electric fences, a little surveillance building and so on.

Now I've got a question:
Where do I find props like a ladder, lamps, tables, computers and such stuff? Do I have to build it all with the brush tool myself or is there a way to implement such things from Emergence since they are basically already there (but I don't know where...)

To get you a little excited here is a first in game shot of a very early build:

There is still much to do like a nice 3D Skybox, adding displacements, adding various little deatils such as lamps, warning signs, crates (we all love crates, now do we!), adding water and foliage in the pen, and so on... oh and above all: adding lighting But the basic brushwork and texturing is nearly finished!

Looking forward to any comments!
Regards Loengard
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