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Default Re: Need help with texture curruption. (Could be more related to DirectX.)

Originally Posted by Michael_Russell
The last time I encountered this issue, the card was overheating. You may want to check to see if the fan on your video card is still working.
Thank you for your responce, Michael.
My rig is water cooled and the VGA is too. The temperture log shows around slightly above 60 degree celcius for the VGA core. That's not quite high, I think.

I tried uninstalling all the nVidia drivers as Sarkie suggested. Also I used DriverCleaner to completely remove remaining files.
Then, installed VGA driver first and saw if it worked Ok but no luck as the result.

Now I'm thinking to prepare a new hard drive and build a fresh environment to see if it is hadware problem or software problem.
I relly hope it's software related... A new VGA is pricy for me...


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