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Default Re: Requesting feedback on Arena Mode map

It's hard to give criticism without sounding like an ass so just remember that everything I say is just my opinion or preference. Take it with as many grains of salt as you wish.

Bad stuff:
1) I would like to see more paths/routes through the map. The map feels very linear walking back and forth from room to room.

2) It is very flat. Some elevation changes would be good.

3) All the furniture makes it tough to run around. It is easy to get stuck on it.

4) The lighting is pretty flat. I would like to see some shadows. Maybe use spotlights instead of omni/point lights.

5) The source engine can push some polys. Add some trim to the walls and grunge decals.

Good stuff:
1) I like the concept of an underground facility.

2) I like that you mixed the organic rock(displacement) with the cement walls. Maybe play it up a little more and add a cave at the end of the hall accessed through a busted cement wall?

Suggestion: Provide other ways to enter and exit the rooms. I would like to be able to pass through the spaces instead of entering the room and then have to turn around and leave through the same way I came. Let the player run circle paths instead of running him/her into dead ends.
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