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Default Re: Hammer Crashes

Thanks Sarkie.

I'm a seasoned vet at this now and have tried everything.
This only stated happening after the Valve SDK update last week.

The SiN:E vconfig will not even run for me, and I've specifically added it to my firewall, which I have not needed to do for the HL2 vconfig version.

All of my other mods are working properly.

The SiN:E vconfig will not for some reason, manually or otherwise.
When Hammer opens from the SiN:E SDK Launcher it does not show the path report, as it should if vconfig is setting the game parameter.

I've refreshed the SiN:E content, have run the game several times and restarted the system several times (XP Pro SP2 NTFS).

Even manually extracted the SiN:E vconfig from the GCF.

Have tried a zazillion different combinations of things that might work, none have, which still leads me to believe the most recent update is frackin with the SiN:E vconfig somehow.
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