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Default Re: Hammer Crashes

Once again bro the SiN:E config appears to be conflicting, or visa versa.

I've done all I plan on doing for now as I'm currently building a new system and will be installing the Steam aps onto it in another week.

For the record there appears to be no problem with Steam or the HL2 SDK, with the default fgd's or my own HL2 SP mods.
(I've verfied the client blob, game files and caches files.)

The SiN:E SDK config doesn't report anything, from a command window or by double-clicking on it. Nada...

Hammer is working properly in HL2, HL2DM, CS:S, DOD:S and my personal HL2 SP mods.

Hammer will not however create a New File or Open an existing file, even SiN:E files I had created last week; or the default SiN:E SDK samples. Nada...

Thanks again for the feedback.
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