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Default Using graphics tablets with Hammer

I've been fiddling around with using my Wacom for working with displacement surfaces, like you would do in Max or whatever. For actual painting of height or alpha it works fine, a shame it doesn't use the pressure sensitivity though.

However if you try to use the stylus to move the camera it spazzes out totally. Now I can understand why this is happening, Hammer just isn't set up to understand input in tablet mode, which is fine in most cases as the drivers emulate point and click, but once you go to camera mode it's trying to translate that direct screen space input into meaningful mouse movements, which ain't going to happen. I could work around the camera problem by telling the Wacom driver to work in mouse mode for Hammer, but this kind of buggers using the tablet for painting because you lose the pen mode's tablet space: screen space translation - the whole thing that actually makes the tablet a good input device!

At the moment I'm switching back to my mouse to move the camera, which is a bit of a bind.

I'm wondering if anyone else has any other hints or workarounds that might help. It's not that big a problem really though, it's not like I'm building a whole map out of them!
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