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Default Re: 2D Skybox question

Originally Posted by wisecode
MP, looks like we should add a page to the wiki that lists the valid skybox names for SiN:E.

For those that need a bit of help with 3D Skybox creation, I've created a Video Tutorial for the HL2 VDC:
Yes, I think I'm not sure what the names of the skyboxes are.

There's skyday_01_05bk, skyday_01_05dn, skyday_01_05ft, etc but those aren't proper skyboxes those are the just the parts of them and they don't work.

If you do make a list of skybox names, it would be nice if you could add an image and the environment light settings if possible as well. Such as it was done for Half-Life 2 skyboxes on this site:

Edit: I just tried the default skybox and it does work.

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