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Default Re: Post your end-game stats here! *Spoilers*

"Gifted, death walking Captain John Blade: Combatant for hire"

Skill: 75.52
Challenge: 43.98
(from the in-game stats)

beaten before the patch, didn't play it through after that.

Number of Secrets Discovered 21 / 44 (this IS relevant!)
found 3 Dopefish!

Challenge Rating: 43.95
Instantaneous Challenge Rating: 66.97
(from the save)

Time Spent In Combat: 15.89%
Time at Full Health: 35.61%
Time Below 25 Health: 5.58% (mostly with -10)

The places that come after our second meeting miss Elexis at the elevators, pesicely at the cubicles, I found myself with 1 health, and one of those flying robots and and elite wating for me; with Jess looking to the other way..
I still don't know how I managed to stay alive.....
That "dead relay" part and the last outside floors of the Supremacy Tower were (...) hard. It took about 10 saves and 30 deaths... each
fantastic game to play, I'm thinking of beating it again now

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