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Default Re: Hammer crash on File/New and File/Open

Originally Posted by wisecode
I'm still fairly certain this is related to a current Valve vconfig problem.

I agree, I heard the same thing happened to Dystopia after valve updated HL2, luckily for my friend who was mapping for dystopia at the time, valve managed to fix it shortly after.
however, it doesnt make sense that it should work for some and not others.

so the onlything I can suggest to you Rokimoki, is to chill and find somthing else to do in the mean time, you can create your map using hl2 for now and dont place any specific entities and you'll be fine when you open it up as a Sin map. and do try to be patient, you've posted in every single thread concerning this problem and started your own thread, over-eagerness isnt going to get the problem fixed sooner.
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