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Default Anyone want to help me with an idea for a map?

Or more specifically, a single room. I have been messing around with the SDK since it was released, but I have zero creativity in making something from scratch. I only know how to emulate and copy others (hence, I started recreating scenes from movies, etc). Once I have something started, I tend to be able to add my own flair and expand, but until then, I'm lost.

So go ahead and post any ideas you want to share with me for a map. Preferably something small. Don't say "Recreate the entire first level of Deus Ex LOLz!!!1one." And yes I had already thought of that. Haha.

I'm moving into an apartment this weekend (after living with my parents for the last 20 years) so I want to start occupying my time by working on Level Design a bit.

You may also use this thread to post any ideas that you want to share with others if you feel like it.

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