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Default Re: Anyone want to help me with an idea for a map?

So I downloaded the SDK today and checked out Hammer; first time in a while that I looked at this editor, but it still feels familiar. But one problem I have with mapping, as it seems to be normal these days, is that you don't shape your map from geometry only, but you are forced to use high-detail models (props or static meshes) to get the detail you want in this state-of-the-art top-of-the-line graphics engine. In the Quake days almost everything was made of map geometry, that's why you could open drawers/lockers and practically anything was possible if you could handle the mapping tools. If I now want to make a map for Emergence that's not set in any of its original environments, I won't be able to make it high-detailed with all the prop objects the game's maps include, because they are of no use to me if I'm making a totally different map. I'd have to model my own props to get my map detailed enough, but I don't have the software or any clue about modelling. It's a little sad that level designers seemingly must be modellers at the same time to make great maps with today's technology.

Of course this keeps me from actually starting a single player map...

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