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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions

Hello,here are some comments after the first play through. (I will be playing again)

What I liked:

Game Arena - simple yet entertaining. A co-op version of this would be cool.

The variable game hardness thingy. I felt challenged but not overwhelmed. It seemed to work well on base settings.

The vocal responses by the enemies upon getting shot, set on fire etc. The guy shouting "extinguish, extinguish" made me chuckle.
The jetpack guys differing reactions to getting shot.
The weapons felt solid and had good feedback.Alot better than the weapons in Half-life 2 for instance.Pistol could have been a tad louder though and fire rate faster.

Being able to manipulate the scenery, to some extent, to fight baddies eg shooting up exploding canisters.

For some reason I kept wanting to kick down doors or objects but no way to do that unfortunately.

What could have been better:

The load times seemed just a tad overlong.Plus no loading bar to tell me whether pc was actually loading stuff. On at least one occasion I thought my pc had locked up when in fact it was still loading.

The whole Gordon Freeman no body/non-presence thing. Took me out of the game. For an established hero I would have preferred to see Blade at least once during the game. Would like to be able to see his body when looking down, in a mirror or something.

I didn't think the ingame music added much to the atmosphere. I missed some of the tunes from the the original SIN.

I really felt like I needed a torch in some areas. Even jacking up the brightness I couldn't see anything in some parts.

Having played fear was kinda disappointed I couldn't blow limbs off or people in half,like in SIN.(I am not a sicko honest).Head shots and splatter was nice though.

Hopefully future episodes will include HDR, blurring etc otherwise they are going to look rather passe.

The elexis cutscenes/interventions generally seemed to be superfluous. I cannot honestly remember a single thing Elexis said in any of them.

The green gas didn't seem to me to have the same effect on enemies as it did me.I would have exploited that more otherwise.(I may be wrong). I didn't often find myself in a gas cloud situation myself.

Anyway overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to more of the same.

I hope these comments are useful.

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