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Default Re: Turning on Joystick causes spinning

I also posted this in the Steam Forums, but it probably belongs here. Left-handed analog joystick for movement and right-handed mouse for weapons is such a good combination that I can't play any game that won't support it. "SlicTrix"'s fix works by essentially disabling both turn and look up/down axes in the joystick, but I need to enable the turn axis, and bind it to the correct (rotation) axis on my joystick.


I've done about everything I can think of to get Sin Episodes to work properly (as it doesn in HL2) with my Siatek Cyborg Evo joystick. No matter what I do:

The twist axis looks up and down and
The throttle position sets rotation speed. This makes movement essentially impossible.

This _should_ have something to do with
joy_advaxisr and
but changing them has no effect.

I have a separate joystick.cfg which works perfectly in HL2, but not in SE.

When I go to the console in HL2 and say "exec joystick" I see some messages about how the various axes are being mapped.

When I do the same thing in SE, I don't see those messages (and in fact see a message to the effect that joy_response_move is unsupported).

It _looks_ like SE isn't paying any attention to the:


stuff, which is where the axes are mapped. I can still control the sensitivity (gain) and threshold (deadband) numbers, so I know joystick.cfg is working...

Any thoughts? Any workarounds or fixes?

Thanks! It looks like a really great game, but I can't get out of the first room...

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