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Default arena_faith (Beta3)

Here is my first map. It's pretty much 99% complete. All that is left is tweaking visuals and lighting, adding more detail props and other stuff.

The map is a highrise style theme map. I'm not a great mapper but hopefully it doesn't look too bad. 3
Ok, guys now shoot at you from a distance. Placed enemyfinder so they start coming at once you move a step. Now it is time to finished the construction. The large room to the right is probably to be cut in half the size. Just to much distance for the guys to travel without getting picked off.

I had another map that I started called faith which was going to be a cathedralesque style type map with very tall ceilings but i got bored of it. I porbably started hundreds of maps in my time but only finished a couple handfulls. This map was a little rushed but i wanted try a arena map of my own. I'll finished this one up then the second one i won't rush as i learned quite abit about arena maps from doing this one.

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