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Default Re: arena_faith (Beta)

crap didn't think about checking flags. thx

5 pistols grunts to 8 (Squad 1)
2 scattergun grunts added (Squad2)
spawns added to center areas of map
enemies now can shoot far
enemyfinder added
Beta 3

FOr my final release the big room is going to be half the size. It is just to large. I could also make a room off to the side with some extra spawns to prevent people camping there. Nothing more relaxing than enemies spawning behind you.

I'm going to move the statue to a different room. Make it a staircase instead. Just took to long for the grunts to come to the upper portion as the had to run around the map to get to it. The statue will be in the smallest room whihc will be come larger to fit it in.

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