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Default Re: map Infiltration (work in progress)

Okay, I played your map and it actually made me think again that I should try the SDK again. Your map may be simple so far, but it's got something. It doesn't feel a lot like Sin yet, but you're on the way.

I can see why it is so simple, though. As I write in another thread, the problem with Source (like any modern engine) is that props/models/meshes often make up a huge part of the architecture. If you want to come up with something really new in a map, you can't use the existing props, you must model new ones (which is annoying) or map without them. You chose to map without them, you just used a few general props like tanks and barrels. That's why your rooms look a little bland. But I wouldn't do it any other way since I have no clue about modeling. You could add a few more details built from map geometry (instead of props), but it's difficult to create them. In essence, Sin 1 was made that way, so anything you build without props will look a little "old school". Maybe you can also find a way to include important props from Emergence in your new map to cleverly spice it up with some detail, and do the rest with geometry.

Oh, and please make the light in the basement brighter. I practically saw nothing down there even though there were lamps on the ceiling. Also, keep an eye on your texture alignment.

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