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Thumbs up Re: arena_faith (Beta)

This is a solid and well constructed map. Good flow and it seemed like the AI was navigating pretty well between the different areas.

Some areas felt a bit empty - perhaps add dummy doors to some of the outside walls to break them up a bit, and maybe some windows, especially on the upper floors. A few more different props here and there might liven it up a bit and help to differentiate the more similar sections a bit. I felt the yellow tinge on lighting from the hanging lamps was much too strong, it's possibly making those side rooms look a bit gloomier than they really are. I wouldn't expect a posh office to be so dark in the corners.

I was trying to wrap my brain around how you could add stairs around the statue without needing to move it. That big central room feels like the right place for it to be, there must be a way.

Overall it's a top piece of work, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
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