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Unhappy Just played "Sin Episodes",... What I think... **spoilers**

Well It's been long time coming since Sin came out in 98, and graphics and sound have gotten
better, unfortunately level layout and story still remain the same :-(.

Which comes to the next installment in the Sin storyline. I started liking this game with
the graphics and sound (Love the opening song), utilizing the HL2 engine. Which should
have helped this game stand out from the rest since the engine is already coded. All
that was left was to create a masterpiece... But after the first couple of minutes of wondering
what the hell is going on, it's just run and gun (or is it the other way around, LOL). With
little story going on, or a change of location. The whole game appears to take place in
one location that's all interconnected. And that just annoyed me! It feels too much like
HL1 using the HL2 engine.

You start off in a warehouse on a dock that seems to span a couple miles then goes
to a dock with a half submerged cargo ship that looks nothing like a cargo ship inside.
And that's where Viktor Radek seems to have his base located. Um why?!? I think the ship
levels were some of the worst in both design and for adding to the plot! Not only does
the ship look more like a laboratory "BUILDING" than a ship. And the mutant people was
interesting, but didn't really add anything just to be more like to HL. I would hate to be
Viktor Radek. If he needed to get to his office and to leave, would he have to go through
all the crap I did?!? Just an after thought for the level designer(s), in my opinion. Speaking
of an after thought, there was a huge bug that kept me from finishing this level. After
being stuck in front of Viktor, he would speak for a few min. then... NOTHING. I was like
what the hell! Then after doing a little searching I found this was really common and
I had to use the console to load the next map. Very annoying and should have been noticed
before release. Then goes to the sewers then a cave then to where you finally get picked
up by Jessica in that sweet ass car from the beginning (I wish the rest of the game would
have had as much care as the car did). Then the game "Finally" takes a turn for the better
by giving you a little change of pace by allowing you to shoot the bad guys while Jessica
does the driving. Unfortunately it only last two minutes before your back to the old run
and gun game play by going to the top of a huge skyscraper building located conveniently
near the last area we were just at :-(.. And as with the rest of the game Jessica is the
most useless side kick I've had in a game. She was mostly in the way and would just stand
there and get shot at. Then just disappear. At least the chick in HL2 was more useful and
I liked to just let her do all the dirty work ;-). But in this game, I much preferred to
just leave Jessica behind :-(.

Umm I did like how the enemies would respond to what I did or to the environment going on
around them. Very nice, had me laughing. A good example was the guys in jet packs! Couldn't
stop laughing when they got shot. Also the weapons felt pretty good and would have
loved double welding ;-)! I also miss the hacking that was in the first game, the phone thing
was kinda cool, but had no idea how to use it till the end :-(. Would rather had the hacking
or both!

I still haven't finished the game yet, but I'm guessing I'm at the end. Just trying to figure
out how to get to the last "Dope fish" Secret. I can see the arrow, but can't find the
"invisible" bridge.

But I would have felt like my money was well spent (got this at the same time as HL2:Episode
One, BTW), had more time and care gone into the making of this game. I would have also loved a
FULL game versus this episode content Ala Valve :-(. I'm very disappointed with Ritual
with this game!! Ritual is known for very good games and pushing the technology forward. Two
games known as FAKK2, and Star Trek Elite Force II (waaay better
than the first one by Raven BTW)
were some of the best examples of what this company is known for. Taking the Quake3 engine and making
it a third or a great first person game, making the levels massive and full of interesting things to see
and do, adding 3D sky boxes (before, Unreal and Unreal Tournament was the only games/engine to do this),
great enemies and characters, and interesting story lines and info to push the game forward!! These two games
kept me playing all the way to the end non stop and I had to buy FAKK2 like five times because I would lend
it out and would have trouble getting it back ;-)!

But with this game, it's too much like HL2/HL2: Episode One :-(. Waaay too much like that game.
Your character doesn't talk... much if at all, we don't see the character, the story is just
non existent and it's told just like HL2. I want a different game than HL2, not the same!!

Now after stating my likes and dislikes, now I would like to get on my soap box and state
what I would like Ritual to do to try to save this doomed game.

I say scrap this whole version of Sin and start over! Please for the love of
god/satan/whatever!! From what I played, this isn't going to work. Use this as a test
game and move on :-)!

The story needs to be the major part of this game!! And explain what is going on. Unlike
what I just played.

Have the game take place all over the city. Not just one location. Kinda like
Vampire: Bloodlines. I have no problem with the game leading me around and not being able
to choose what to say. I don't want to have to physically travel from place to place.
In-game cut scenes do just fine!

Have it where you are taken to the hospital after being captured and injected with
something or Jessica would ask you if you wanted to go and you would say no and she would
take you to the station for more story info. The story of the game would be to figure
out what Viktor and Elexis are up to by asking people around the city doing some sleuthing
and checking and busting into some places owned by them. While JC and Jessica chimes in.
Not where you have to hit a button to hear them (didn't know about this till the middle
of the game, aaarggh).

Another example would be you get a tip off that something is going down at a local night
club and you and Jessica go to check it out. After going in and asking around, you hear
the bartender can get you access to upstairs. After talking to the bartender, you find
out he don't let your kind upstairs without a warrant. So you have to now figure out how
to get upstairs either with physical action (which could punish you in the long run ;-) )
or to be stealthy.

And another example is your in your apartment getting high on some drug or taking
something to counter act what was put in you, and you pass out only to be woken up by some
noise, and to find out that your place is under attack. So you have to escape your place
while it gets shot up by thugs and helicopters/jets.

Anything is better than just playing in the same area for an entire game. Just some
thoughts and my two cents. Pictures are for reference and to help my point across.

I want to thank anyone who read all of my rants and I hope Ritual reads this and takes
a second look at they're current game and rethink it over. Thanks for your time and peace out!

**Pictures are not property of Ritual or me. Pictures were found on the net and belong
to they'er respectfull authors. I messed with them in Photoshop only for reference.**


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