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Default Re: Just played "Sin Episodes",... What I think... **spoilers**

Well, that's disappointing that you're diappointed. I had a blast playing it - just replayed again - it was close to what I was expecting.

Btw, there is a whole thread on things that people want improved going forward into the next episode - Blade-speak being one of the big ones.

I think there's mixed views on Jessica. I do like Alyx in HL2 and her AI, and I think rather than killing Jessica off, they should make her more interesting in solving some of the puzzles.

You have an interesting point about the location(s). Hadn't thought much about that. I think it was a nice initial chapter, localized and intense. There had been an early shot of you driving through the bridges of Freeport which would have been interesting. Give us some more ride and gun time too

My bigger gripe is the story and the ending. There should be more of a cliff-hanger - like HL2. There are a few interesting plot points but thanks to the hype/web-site, there was very little surprise when I played it through. Of course it still doesn't compare to how ticked off I was about Quake 4 spoilers getting captured and almost turned into a Strogg could have been the biggest shock of any game only everyone knew it before the game was released

I agree that FAKK2 was excellent. I haven't played Elite Forces II but if its better than the first one, I will definitely try and track down a copy.

I do think the episodic delivery can be successful. We'll see what Ritual releases for Episode 2 - if it addresses half of what people have been asking for, it should be an interesting release. And if they give me a discount for being a loyal episodic follower, all the better

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