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Default Re: Just played "Sin Episodes",... What I think... **spoilers**

Originally Posted by Graphicsgod View Post
Ahh so the updates are through steam,.. damn. I hate steam! When installing, it wanted to install steam. I just wanted to play and didn't care to go through another program. Luckily steam can be uninstalled or kept from running. I prefer the old way of playing games. Ohh well almost finished, so it doesn't matter anymore.

You really ought to patch er up. Some major bugs were fixed a week after release.

I've already played through it at least twice as the combat is really fun. And I keep going back to Arena Mode (free addon that'll be in the patch) as well. My bro wants the game after watching me play Arena (though he's buying a new laptop next year sometime, so might not get it right now.)

As for HL2: ep1...first time I played it I thought it was practically perfect, and yet I haven't been able to get myself to go through it again. So...I guess not.

Since Source games interact directly with the Steam client, might not be too smart to keep it from running, if you actually can.
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